Ever After


Dear Jane,

Guess what! I finished my first Baby Jane block today–A6. Some call this block “Uncle Homer,” although I have no idea why. She is brown with a tiny red/white shirting used as the background.


Mom called just before I took my first stitch and stayed on the phone with me until I was sewing my final seam. She’s been a tremendous help getting me to this point. In fact, in the last 24 hours, we’ve talked on the phone 16 times! I needed lots of moral support and advice on all facets of this undertaking.

This is truly a mother/daughter project spanning three generations. At various points while sewing A6, Miss Vivi wanted to get in on the action, and near the end, I actually had to hold her on my lap while I was sewing. It struck me that, if I stay on schedule, by the time I am done with your quilt, Vivi will be four years old! I hope that the time spent together in the craft room will be help strengthen all of the mother/daughter bonds in my life.

Was your mother a quilter?