Ever After


Dear Jane,

F14, with all of it’s imperfections, is DONE!  I back-basted the big circles and used the freezer paper/basting method for the melon seeds.  It bugs me that the seed points don’t line up in the center of the block and that the circles aren’t perfectly smooth, but hopefully in a setting with 224 other blocks, these boo-boos won’t be so obvious.


Yesterday, the DOW tumbled 4 1/2% as Lehman Bros. declared bankruptcy.  These are troublesome times in our economy.

On a positive note, Vivi has developed into a really good napper.  When she’s tired, she tells me that she needs a nap and then proceeds to walk upstairs, lay down on her bed, and fall asleep–all by herself.  That’s where she is right now.  While she’s asleep, I’m going to head into the craft room and start paper piecing a block on Row C.  I still have two more to do on that row, and it’s bugging me!