Ever After


Dear Jane,

This block went together very quickly–a great blessing, considering that I had to completely re-do D3, the other block I finished today, because I poked a hole in it.


I just got back from taking Ariana to swim team.  She’s made great strides, and I’m proud of her efforts.  As I type, she’s practicing the piano.  It’s best that I keep busy while she practices because I tend to get worked up when she doesn’t do it correctly after repeated attempts to help her.  Today, it sounds like she’s focusing, which helps to keep my blood pressure in check.  I don’t expect her to do it perfectly, but I do expect her to pay attention and think through what she’s doing vs. rushing through a half-hearted attempt just to get it done.

Instead of journaling, I should be making dinner.  But the problem is that nothing really sounds very appetizing.  I had planned on making hamburgers w/ homemade hamburger buns and the works.  Last night, BT took the girls to Wendy’s, and I skipped dinner because I felt so sick.  One happy note is that my induction has been moved up a day–to September 30th.  I still hope that Baby Tad decides to come on his own, though.

I’d better close so that I can journal D3 and then figure out dinner.