Ever After


Dear Jane,

After falling off the wagon for a few weeks, I picked myself up by the boot straps and tried B12 (again). My first attempt at B12 was awful. Discouraged, I set aside the project for a while. I then realized that if I didn’t start back up, I’d be so far behind that I’d just give up for good.



REVERSE Appliqué
I credit my mom for coming up with this idea. I adapted it just a little.
1. Cut a 7″ square of background (print) fabric. On my block, this is the darker blue.

2. Cut the block diagonally into 1/4 square triangles.

3. Sew the block back together again, pressing seams open. You have two seams going from corner to corner.

4. Trace the pattern onto the right side of the background block w/ a white/erasable pencil, taking care to match the points of the “melon seeds” and center “square” shape with the diagonal seam lines.

5. Place a 6″ square of the shirting fabric (light fabric) behind the blue block. Baste w/ heavy quilting thread along the pencil lines you’ve traced on the blue block.

6. Carefully open up the seams within the “melon seeds” and trim to a scant 1/4″ seam allowance. Reverse appliqué, removing a few basting stitches ahead of where you’re appliqueing. The basting stitches create a “memory” for the fabric, so you are able to turn the fabric under right on the line. When you get to the edges of your seams, take a small horizontal stitch to secure the seam so that it doesn’t pull apart any further than the tip of your “melon seeds.”

7. Repeat step #6 w/ the center “square.”

8. Trim block down to size.