Ever After


Dear Jane,

A12 is done, despite the stomach flu that rages on at our house. Bryan is the latest victim of the vile bug, succumbing to it in the middle of the night. Vivi and I are still under the weather but are on our way to a full recovery.


Now that I look at the completed A12, I am disappointed in my choice of background fabric. The big purple flower overpowers the little pieces. Oh well. I’m certainly not going to redo it.

Ariana represented our family at church today. Speaking of Ariana, she lost another tooth yesterday, but the tooth fairy didn’t come. Oops! Bryan explained that the tooth fairy probably didn’t want to get sick, so he/she decided to postpone the visit until later. Ariana then went on to say that “there’s a rumor going around that there’s no such thing as a tooth fairy. I heard someone at school say that it’s their parents. And at first I thought that sounded logical. But now, I just think that there’s still a tooth fairy.”

After Ariana got home from church, Bryan asked her who spoke. She said that there were two speakers, but she couldn’t remember both of their names. Normally, having two speakers wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but today was testimony meeting. I’m sure there’s a funny story behind that!