Ever After

Dear Jane,

I went out on a limb with this block and used a “chrome yellow” print.  My sister has a book of Civil War repro fabrics, and both she and my mom assure me that the fabric is an authentic reproduction and period appropriate.  Although I really am not a fan of the bright yellow, I decided to bite the bullet and incorporate a few throughout the quilt.  I hope that I am not making a mistake.  I know that sometimes a few “zinger” fabrics in a quilt can really spice things up, but I’m not so sure that this is the type of quilt that calls for “zingers.”


This morning, I finished the two blocks I started yesterday, and it’s only 10:30 a.m.  I need to go get on the treadmill (even though I am DOG tired from cleaning the garage yesterday and not sleeping well last night and being 15 weeks pregnant).  I also have piano lessons this afternoon and really need to practice.  Hopefully there will still be some time left to work on Dear Jane.  I do have an appliqué block that I can bring with me this afternoon.