Ever After

Dear Jane,

You must think that I’ve abandoned you.  Fear not.  I’m still here.  I have a couple of applique blocks that are nearly done–maybe I’ll even finish them at swim team today.  But here is a block that I just finished–C8.


Don’t recognize it?  Maybe it’s because I forgot that my sashing between blocks is going to be black (dark brown), and after I finished c8 according to how you did it, I realized that my dark print color wasn’t going to look good against the dark sashing.  So, I chopped the edges off the block and added the light “shirting” fabric strips to the outside.  It was very daring of me to deviate from the pattern–definitely not something that I do very regularly–but I think that the artistic license I took was warranted in this case.  Thankfully, I think that the finished product is also attractive.

Yesterday, we went to the doctor for an ultrasound.  Anatomically, everything looks just like it should, except for between the baby’s legs.  Yep!  Boy!  Hopefully I’ll learn how to be the mother of a boy, and hopefully he doesn’t turn out “fruity” from spending too much time in the craft room with me.

Stay tuned for more C-row blocks.  I have to work fast and furiously if I’m going to finish them by my Saturday deadline.