Ever After


Dear Jane,

Mom says that we should come up with our own names for the blocks. As you can tell, thus far, I’ve been very unoriginal, simply referring to each completed section by it’s coordinates within the quilt. Well, for this particular block, I will give it a better name–middle ear infection.


That’s what Vivi is plagued with today. By tomorrow, hopefully she’ll be back to her happy self because it would be a shame for her to be miserable on her birthday!

Just a bit of snow remains in the shadows of our yard. Although cold, it was a fun diversion. Bryan’s work is really tough right now. The stock market has not been kind to their portfolio. We were supposed to go to Branson, MO in a week for Ariana’s spring break, but like all of our other vacations, it’s looking like this one will be canceled, too. We just hope that things stabilize so that Bryan doesn’t end up on permanent “vacation.” Working on Dear Jane is the perfect way to keep my mind off yucky stuff like that.