Ever After

Dear Jane,

This is another block that I finished a while back but hadn’t posted.


Not to brag or anything, but I am quite proud of how the block turned out. Here’s how I did it.


1. Paper pieced the inner part of the block using the pattern from the software.

2. Added 2 1/2″ strips of green print fabric to the outside of the paper pieced block.

3. Created a freezer paper template of the circle shape (a square with a circle hole in it), leaving an extra allowance on the outside so that you can trim to size later.
4. Iron the freezer paper template to the lighter shirting fabric. Trimmed away the inside of the circle, leaving 1/4″ allowance along the inner edge. Turned fabric under, basted through the fabric and the freezer paper. At this point, I had a shape that I could lay on top of my paper pieced unit.

5. Reverse appliqu├ęd the outer circle to the paper pieced unit. Removed basting stitches and removed freezer paper. Trimmed block to size.