Ever After


Dear Jane,

A2 is finally finished! I honestly don’t know how many HOURS I spent on this block (more than 3), and it isn’t even the hardest one on Row A.
This morning, we got up and went to see a potential “Craigslist” find. I thought that I was going to see a beautiful antique cabinet, but it was circa 1970 junk. The lady selling it had told me that it was 100 years old. Yeah, right. I sure wish I had some of your furniture in my house, Jane!

Bryan then got a load of dirt, and while he was unloading it, I started quilting. He loves dirt (gardening) as much as I love fabric (quilting). He had Michael Green, a young man from our ward, helping him. I’m sure that it was a good bonding experience for both of them.

I’m off to start another block.