Ever After


Dear Jane,

Here I am, journaling TWO blocks in ONE day!  Can you believe it???

I just finished paper piecing C10, and I am pleased with the result.  I think that I only had to tear out and redo one small seam–quite a feat for me!


I forgot to mention in my post from earlier today that, in addition to working on Dear Jane, I also cleaned the house and baked two loaves of homemade bread (including grinding my own wheat).  Maybe I’m “nesting” and will go into labor soon.  HA!  Fat chance (no pun intended), but it was a nice daydream while it lasted.  When I was at the dr. yesterday, he pronounced me to be at a “tight one.”  I also found out that the hospital rescheduled my induction time from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m!  Oh, I was MAD!  7:30 was the perfect time–not too late, not too early.  We scheduled it MONTHS ago so that I could get a good slot.  A 5:00 slot basically means that I get VERY LITTLE sleep the night before what will invariably be one of the most difficult days of my life . . . all because it’s “more convenient” for the hospital.  GRRR!  If it weren’t for my wonderful doctor, I definitely wouldn’t be delivering at this particular hospital.  This is where I had Vivi as well, and from experiences I had with her birth and some visits thereafter, I find them to be extremely lacking in customer/patient-centricity.

Well, I’m headed back into the craft room to start my final C-row block.  Perhaps you’ll hear from me again before the day is through.