Ever After


Dear Jane,

Today was a fun, full day. I went to lunch with friends from GE–Sonia and Janice. Sally Olsen watched Vivi, so that was an extra treat! I then came home and started in on A5. It went together pretty easily. Each time I finish a block, I notice little things that aren’t quite perfect. I just keep reminding myself that “completion is better than perfection.” Hopefully, I’ll get more accurate with each block.


Ariana complained of a tummy ache this morning but went to school and swim team any way. Tonight, after barely picking at her dinner, she wanted to go to bed early. She wasn’t upstairs for more than 5 minutes when she started throwing up! Poor kid. Bryan was holding Vivi while all this occurred, and apparently, Vivi was very worried about “Bubby.” They have such a sweet relationship. Everyone is tucked back into bed, and hopefully that’s the last we hear from them until morning.

I think that I figured out an alternate foundation piecing arrangement that will work for A11. I emailed it to Ho and am waiting for her to try it out. When I called her this morning to see how she was doing, all she said was “A2.” We have a new dialect these days. 🙂

I’m going to go do the daily on-line crossword puzzle with Bryan. It has become our tradition. Our goal is 10 minutes or less.