Ever After

Dear Jane,

I finished my final two B-Row blocks today, one week behind schedule.


B7 went together fairly well using the technique described below:

1.  Make 4 freezer paper templates of the “melon seeds” and baste one edge of each seed onto a template.

2.  Appliqué the melon seeds onto a square of background fabric (only the side of the seed that you basted to the freezer paper in step 1), paying close attention to where the edges of the seeds align with each other.

3.  Remove the basting stitches and freezer paper from behind the melon seeds.

4.  Create a freezer paper template for the reverse-appliquéd circle that surrounds the melon seeds.  Baste fabric to the template and reverse appliqué on top of the seeds.

5.   Remove the basting stitches and freezer paper from behind the reverse-appliquéd circle.  Carefully cut away excess fabric from behind the block that the melon seeds are basted on, leaving 1/2 beyond where the reverse applique joins the two.

6.  Create 4 freezer paper templates for the diamonds.  Baste fabric to each diamond, creating a nice, neat diamond that has all the edges turned under.

7.  Appliqué each diamond to its correct spot, leaving a small opening to extract the freezer paper template through before completing the appliqué.