Ever After


Dear Jane,

I started B9 a few days ago thinking that, with only 13 pieces, it would be a slam dunk! Aagh! It was a nightmare. My first attempt was promptly discarded . . . it couldn’t be salvaged. I then spent a few days trying to psyche myself up to try it again. This afternoon, I marched back into my sewing room, quickly picked out some new fabric (switching the lights/darks on the block this time around for a new twist) and went to it. I’m quite proud of the results. I really like how the stripes converge.


Snow has been falling most of the day! I bet that we have 3 inches, which is VERY rare here in Frisco, TX. Ariana and Vivi bundled up and went outside for a bit to play in it, but we don’t even own gloves for them, so their adventure was brief. I’ve got a yummy pot of homemade chili simmering on the stove (Yes! I re-sewed B9 AND made dinner today!) which will be the perfect dinner for our chilly day.