Ever After

Dear Jane,

All I had to do was add the outer borders to this block, but it has taken me weeks to do so.


I’m so tired, and I know that I need to work on the quilt, but I have so many other things pressing down on me right now.  Thankfully, I’ve checked several items off in the last few days, so hopefully I can more fully focus on getting Row C done.  I repainted my bread box–the one dad made many years ago.  I’ve nearly finished sanding down the twin beds (too bad I didn’t realize that I was inhaling lead paint dust before it was too late).  I’ve refinished my front door–just need to put on two more top coats.  The bug man came today to try and rid us of the ants and little flying insects that torture me and Vivi throughout the day.  I’ve got someone coming tomorrow to repaint the outside shutters and recaulk around the windows.  If I had a tall enough ladder, I would have done this myself, so it’s probably a good thing that we don’t have a tall enough ladder.  I told BT that paying someone to do this job for us was a wonderful Mother’s Day present.  I’m sure that he’s relieved to know that he can check that item off his list–although I doubt that it even made his list, given his lackluster Mother’s Day track record.  Sorry.  Gotta tell it like it is. ; )


I sewed a 4-patch for the background, although if I were to do it again, I’d probably skip this step.  I then did my freezer-paper method and appliquéd the top shape over the 4-patch.  After trimming it down to size, I simply added the outer borders.  Easy.