Ever After


Dear Jane,

Today, I finished A3. My name for this block is “Eternity” because that’s how long it felt like it took to finish it.


Despite my lack of experience with appliqué (and my non-existent experience with reverse appliqué) I think that it turned out pretty well. I basted each “seed” to freezer paper, stitched the seed to the background, unpicked the basting stitches, and then removed the freezer paper. I tried to do Heidi’s template-free method, but I just wasn’t getting a nice, crisp edge. The outer circle was reverse appliquéd using the same freezer paper method.
Last night, BT had to take Vivi to an urgent care center because she was covered in hives. It’s probably related to the nasty stomach virus she and I are still suffering from. Thankfully, Benadryl gives her some relief.

Today was President Hinckley’s funeral. We recorded it because Ariana was gone to a birthday party, and Bryan had to run out and pick up a paper organizer that I’d bought from a scrapbook store going out of business. After the funeral, BT attended Bill Mitchell’s baptism, the first convert baptism of our new Frisco 6th ward.

I’ll go work on A12 now. I started on it this morning, and then switched gears to A3 because I thought that appliqué would be more conducive to my recovery. I’m not sure that it mattered in the long run, though.