Ever After


Dear Jane,

Block H12 was an experiment of sorts–it was the first time that I’ve used Jeana Kimball’s “back-basting” applique method.  See http://www.appleblossomquilts.com/tips/backBasting/index.jsp for a good “how-to” explanation.


The first heart I did took FOREVER, and I swore that I would never try the method again.  I felt like I was not being as precise as with other kinds of applique, and I set the block aside for nearly 2 1/2 months.  When I picked it back up again a few days ago, time had blurred the imperfections, and I persevered in finishing it with the back-basting technique.  I’m actually glad that I did.  The more I stitched, the more I found merits in the method.  It’s definitely not something that I’ll do on every block–particularly those with diamonds or other sharp angles–but I’ll give it a try on the more “forgiving” shapes.

We’re headed out to pick up some water storage barrels this evening, so I’d better close.