Ever After


Dear Jane,

I’ve really struggled with what to name the block I just finished–A10. Most of the names that I come up with would trigger “Net Nanny” violations.


On Sunday, I was feeling adventurous and a little bit cocky. I had never done a mitered corner before, but I just KNEW that I could figure it out. And I did. After more than an hour of messing with it. The block’s background wasn’t quite perfect, but it was acceptable. Unfortunately, when I went to trim it down to size, I messed up and cut it too small. So, I had to start again. My next version was even better than the first, so all’s well that ends well, right? I proceeded to appliqué the center ellipse and one of the cone shapes on. They were perfect! Wow! I am GOOD!!! Unfortunately, it was time to put all the fun aside and go be a mother, so I called it a day. Before I went to be for the night, I went back in to admire my perfection. And then I got a horribly sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, unrelated to the flu I was still suffering from. I had appliquéd on the WRONG background–the old one that was too small. IDIOT!!!

So, the next morning, I started the appliqué again. I was just about to start my second “cone” piece when I realized that I had positioned the first one too high on the block. FOOL!!! I am so frustrated with this stupid block. The finished product is barely acceptable, but I just can’t spend any more time on it. I’ve spent more than 7 hours on it already.