Ever After


Dear Jane,

I really have been working on blocks, even though my journal may not give evidence of that. I have three appliqué blocks in various stages of completion, but I want to save the appliqué work for a time when I’m out and about. So, knowing that I had some time today to hunker down and work, I tackled B6. Not to brag or break whatever enchantment was guiding my hands and mind today, but I didn’t have to unpick a single seam. That is truly a miracle!


I used an unconventional background–something that probably isn’t officially a shirting–but I think that it came together fine. I’m determined to make use of the fabric that I’ve purchased for this project, so that means that some of the blocks may bend the rules a bit.

Ariana is pacing, wanting me to go upstairs and watch Planet Earth with her. I’ll close for now and hopefully have a few spare minutes to start another block later today. I absolutely LOVE this project!