Ever After


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Old piano

Ancient pump organ

Fully functioning treadmill

Antique movie projector

Box of Nerf guns, a remote controlled helicopter, and an empty cigarette carton

Paper shredder, large scratched white board, printers that don’t work

Random pieces of old mismatched office furniture

He travels the back roads of Texas looking for rusty gold. What most people see as junk, I see as junk, but Bryan sees as glittering Obtanium.

His heart quickens when something of interest is posted to the FREE section of Craigslist, and he crosses his fingers that by responding within the first 30 seconds of the post appearing, he’ll be Chosen. He routinely takes “shortcuts” through alleyways of fancy communities hoping to convert one man’s trash to his treasure. We need a cautionary bumper sticker on his truck .

Into the back of his vehicle, he’ll load anything FREE that he thinks he can cram into our shop or garage. . . and that I won’t totally freak out about.

He wishes he could make a living off of freecycling and dumpster diving . . .¬†one dusty, dirty, decrepit piece at a time. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for repurposing and breathing new life into something that would otherwise languish in a landfill, but where does¬†innocent picking end and obsessive hording begin?

Please, no more, BT. At least not until you do something with your current trove of treasures.

P.S. But I am excited to see the desk that you make from the organ.

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