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    a sunBEAM!

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    Sunday was a big day for our little guy–his first day of Sunbeams. His new Primary teacher had stopped by the night before to bring him a cookie, and he couldn’t be more excited to go to church.¬†He awoke early and dressed himself–one button-down collar white shirt, two sweaters, Lego Batman undies, and gym socks. No pants. He had a bit of a stuffy nose so we tried to talk him into staying home with me (I was sick), but he was determined to attend. Thankfully, I was able to coax one sweater off and one pair of pants on before he bounced off to church.

    When Ariana was three, I was a single parent with a new job in a new state. Life was crazy.
    When Vivi was three, Tad was a newborn and Bryan was bishop. Life was crazy.

    Life is still crazy, but in different, more manageable ways. Perhaps that’s why I am enjoying this stage in Tad’s life more than I was able to with my girls??? Or maybe I’ve just grown into this motherhood thing??? Or maybe I should just stop over-analyzing everything¬†and just embrace every moment of this magical stage!

    Thanks for brightening our lives, little Sunbeam.