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    Having funded our pediatrician’s kids’ college funds over the last month with our frequent visits, I was hesitant to take Ariana in for the rash that had developed on her face.  I dosed her up with Benadryl every four to six hours and waited for the rash to subside.

    But it didn’t.

    And then the school called and said that the rash was getting worse and her face was swelling.

    I waited another 24-hours, washed all her bedding and waited for the rash to go away.

    But it didn’t.

    So I broke down and took her to the doctor.  Even though she wasn’t complaining of a sore throat, they swabbed her throat, and we waited for the test to come back “negative.”

    But it didn’t.

    Scarlet Fever, aka Strep with a Rash.

    Grateful am I for antibiotics and competent physicians and my sweet Scarlet Ariana.