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    Blink . . .you’ve gone from high school senior with unlimited opportunities to college grad with vast career options.

    Blink . . . your first born is placed in your arms and you don’t want to think about career . . . but you must.

    Blink . . . she’s entering Kindergarten and your rewarding career has put food in her mouth and roof o’er her head.

    Blink . . . another sweet baby girl graces your life. You walk away from your career. You miss it and wonder if you can ever feel fulfilled again.

    Blink . . . a sweet baby boy joins the family and thrives despite early setbacks. You can’t imagine trading a minute of this magical time for a career.

    Blink . . . you watch your middle schooler and kindergartener walk away and you agonize that this day arrived so quickly.

    Blink . . . to clear the tears that pool in your eyes and stream down your face.

    Today sucks.

    I miss you, my sweet girls.