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  • February22nd


    Posted in: Tad, Vivi

    What fun it is to have two littles at home that help keep each other company. Tad and I are going to be awfully lonely when Vivi starts kindergarten next year.

    Last week, they spent HOURS amusing themselves with a box of foam peanuts. And surprisingly, they even cleaned up after themselves.

    The sight of them sitting in their box watching Rudolph together is something I never want to forget. Surely, I’ll remember days like this as some of the best of my life.

  • February22nd

    Tough Tad!

    Posted in: Tad

    Tad is one TOUGH kid. ┬áHe rarely cries when he gets hurt, and if he does cry, you know he’s REALLY hurt. And I love that he’s still young enough to be soothed by his momma’s kisses.